Bill Huey, MSW

 Bill brings to the courseroom strength, compassion, fun, sensitivity, intuition, and brilliance.  His energy and humor are contagious and he uses them to help you squeeze every drop of growth you can get out of the workshop.

From teaching the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to Six Sigma training, Bill Huey understands people and processes. For more than 15 years, he has worked as a consultant and facilitator in both business and education. Bill’s insight into human behavior and his experience as an instructor enable him to help people and organizations break through the barriers that prevent them from achieving personal performance goals and process solutions.

Bill earned his graduate degree from the University of Denver and his undergraduate degree is from Metro State College in Denver, Colorado. Bill also completed the U.S. Navy’s elite UDT/SEAL training and was a member of UDT-21 (now SEAL Team 8). In 1988, he began his training career with Global Relationship Centers Inc., an international interpersonal skills company. While there, he became an instructors’ trainer which led to assignments throughout North America, Israel, and the former Soviet Union. The University of Florida’s Health Science Center recruited Bill in the early 1990s to work as an internal consultant for its six colleges. In addition to learning the ins and outs of a medical college environment, he designed, developed, and delivered programs on negotiation, leadership, and communication during his tenure.

Bill started his own company, Onsite Performance Solutions in 1999 and has completed projects for companies and organizations such as Sprint, the US Army, US Food Service, the Veterans Healthcare Administration, and the Radiology Society of North America. Bill’s writing has been published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, and he is a contributor to the book Shape Up Your Program! Tips, Teasers & Thoughts for Type Trainers. In addition to being a certified administrator for the MBTI, he is a certified instructor for programs offered by DDI and Achieve Global.

Jenny Rock, BA, LMT, CR

Jenny has a longstanding life commitment to self-development and making a difference in the lives of others that extends into her personal relationships and pro
fessional practice.  Service is her passion, facilitating positive change in the world her talent. To these ends, she have pursued two paths that allow her to help others to better integrate mind, body, and spirit while growing personally and professionally. As a Massage Therapist and Rolfer, she helps people heal from injuries and chronic pain; as an Instructor and Coach, she enjoys pointing the way toward personal growth and fulfillment.

Jenny has been actively engaged in personal growth since high school, and it’s that quest for finding the next best version of herself that brought her to teaching and coaching.  After completing her BA in Psychology (University of Central Florida) and while maintaining an active bodywork practice, Jenny spent two years training for and became an Instructor for the international course Understanding Yourself and Others. Not long after that she began working with a Life Coach and decided to take the plunge and become one;  which she did,  twice.  First she trained with Coach University (graduated in 1999), and then trained as was certified as a Facilitator (2000) and a Coach (2008) with The Field Project.

People consistently find Jenny to be open-minded and approachable, while also having a natural ability to inspire others.  She is willing to speak the truth even when it’s an unpopular or difficult truth, but is loving enough to challenge people to go deeper into themselves and find the place where they can be their own best advocate for healing and growth.  Jenny believes that when an individual recognizes the value in change, the potential for a new reality is made manifest.  Therefore, it is Jenny’s goal to help people remove blocks, get to the next level, and catapult forward.

Kathryn Kvols, BA

Kathryn is the president and founder of the International Network for Children and Families (INCAF).  It is a worldwide parent training network that teaches her life changing course, “Redirecting Children’ Behavior”  as well as teaching people to teach the course in their communities around the globe. RCB teaches skill-building strategies to families emphasizing teamwork, creating win-win situations, and effectively avoiding power struggles using kind-but-firm methods promoted by Dr. Alfred Adler and Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs.  INCAF was formed by Kathryn Kvols over thirty years ago and is headquartered in Gainesville, Florida.

Early in her career, Kathryn was working as a family counselor. She started teaching methods that helped parents become calmer and more confident and empowered them to raise their children to be responsible and cooperative. Parents applauded the results they saw in their families and began to push Kathryn to write a book based on the principles, which she taught in her classes.  So she did, and so Kathryn is also the author of the book that RCB is based on.

Kathryn is adept at creating safe learning environments through her heart-felt speaking style, her sense of humor, and insightful observations. Her workshops are interactive, and her audiences walk away with practical tools they can implement immediately.  Additionally, Kathryn brings to every workshop she teaches her compassion, understanding, and knowledge due to her personal experiences as a mom, single mom, step-mom, and grandmother.

Because Kathryn is known for being a catalyst for creating healthy relationships as well as being a dynamic and entertaining international speaker,  she has had opportunities to work with thousands of teachers, nurses, counselors, childcare workers, and parents, presenting keynote addresses, workshops, and classes. Kathryn presents fresh new ways at looking at age-old problems. Seeing with these new eyes, her audiences are inspired to make amazing shifts toward loving action. These loving actions create more satisfying relationships at home, in school, and in the workplace.  The Breakthrough Center is lucky to have her as a resource, and we are grateful for her dedication all these to co-create the course itself!

Kathryn and her husband, Brian Harper, reside in Gainesville, Florida and have a blended family of five children: Brianna, Tyler, Chloe, Emily, and Amy.  Kathryn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Education from Concordia College in Minnesota.


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