About Us

Jenny Rock took the plunge and opened this center in the Spring of 2017 because of the positive impact the workshop had on her back in 1991.


We’re just getting started on this, so please be patient.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • We want to carry forward the mission of Bill Reidler in bringing 3,333,333 people a learning experience for the purpose of creating world peace.
  • We want to create a varied community of people who all share a desire to improve their own lives and the lives of others, through love, support, and action.


Back when I took the course that inspired Breakthrough, it was called Understanding Yourself and Others and was offered by Global Relationship Centers.  Over the years, many of those franchises spun off into their own thing, but most retain the basic mission and process.  After the owner of GRC died in 2006 (Bill Reidler), the new owner changed the name and so eventually UYO was no more.  We are currently organizing a list of all the sister centers around the world that have their roots in UYO also.  Some of them are already listed under our “resources” page.


Back in the day, there was an Instructor Candidate program (IC), which is where all of us that are Nationally Certified  Instructors received our training.  The requirments evolved over time, but by the time I took it, there were 6 intensive  long weekends working with the co-developer of the course (Bill Reidler), assisting in many different roles in the course room over a period of time (usually about 2 years), and an interning process.  Many of these instructors are still around (myself included), and they are the people that will be teaching in the Portland center.  The goal is to have a variety of instructors come through and teach so that students and assistants have an opportunity to learn from a variety of people with different specialties, personalities, and styles.  Some instructors are also Licensed Therapists, some are Certified Coaches, and some are neither.


There are already established classes related to this one, but currently we don’t have any scheduled……  though with enough interest they will be offered.  They are:

  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior – COMING SOON!!  (Kath Kvols will be teaching!!)
  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior INSTRUCTOR training (Coming soon, and also taught by Kath Kvols!!!)
  • Breakthrough for Couples
  • Breakthrough for Kids
  • Breakthrough for Teens
  • Breakthrough for Teams


When my friend Steve invited me to take this class (in the late 1980s), I was hesitant because I was afraid of the change that would happen in my life….. like I could see it coming.  So a few years later when I was in the midst of some major transition, I took it.  That was July 0f 1991, in Orlando, Florida…… and I’m still a fan, and still growing.

Although I was no begnner to personal growth,  I was inspired to assist (and later teach) because of the unique experience I found of unconditional love and support that was in the room…. every single course.  I’m happy to say that after my initial class, I am still close friends with many people I met in the course over the years (I assisted a LOT).

Another thing I love about this course is the lack of promotional pressure put on students and graduates to enroll others.  Many of my friends took the course because of the changes they saw in me, and some because I was insistent……. but they’ve all thanked me since, and we’re still friends.  🙂   But that came from me, not the center.  The best advertisement for Breakthrough is for people to live more fulfilling lives, and that will attract others.  No sales, ever.